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Uh huhhhhhh. You know you want it. :)


I just got back from the tropics, and after a blissful week of pure friendage, im packing my bags, soon to be off again. This time my destination lies in California, so dont worry. But it is well beyond the contact zone. Which reminds me, FUCK, i need one of those complicated new disposable film cameras.

Movies that I absolutely love that happen to be out right now: Wall - E, The Dark Knight, Iron Man.
Movies that are okay: Wanted, Indiana Jones, Mongol.
Movies that YOU SHOULD NEVER, EVER SEE UNDER PAIN OF DEATH: Beverly Hills Chiuaua, and Space Chimps.
I havent seen the latter two, goodness no, but its more of a boycott. Those people dont deserve a single dollar for the dry, paperlike, candy covered shit quality creativity they put into that stuff just to get an average youth to chuckle over a joke about gas, or manhood. I mean fuck, you should watch a movie that makes you think...like Minority Report, Rushmore, or better, History Boys.

http://www.facets.org/images/rushmore.jpg   http://www.sfsoc.com/images/movies/minorityreport.jpg   http://www.boomerangshop.com/dvdcover/ImageWeb2/HistoryBoysThez3_f.jpg

As most of you know, as of Wednesday last week I am oficially not a carrier of the Tuberculosis Disease. I got a test (and a painful one...) and I came off Scott Free. (How on earth did that saying get started?) "Marilyn, are you and Scott having relationship difficulty?" "I dumped that sorry bastard! Im Scott Free!"......or is it Scotch Free? because that would recquire a completey different scenario. "So Doug, I heard youre sober now..."
Tuberculosis, the main cause of depopulation in Europe around the Rennaiscance era. Yknow, the Red Death. I hear that now they have this little vaccine they give you that cures it within the hour. Someday, we might be able to look back and say that about cancer. However, if our generations keep degenerating into dumber and dumber people, as it appears, then we may never live to see that day. I say fuck the cure for cancer, lets get started on the Moron Prevention Injection. MPI. Or we could just be like Asians and keep our kids from going out and smoking weed until they finish their Trigg homework, and get over 100% marks in every class. Not that Asians smoke weed, I meant that more as a generic term of what kids will go out and do these days. Can you immagine an Asian Pot Addict??!?

http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/police/reports/reports2007/images/012507missingman.jpg  + http://www.johnnymarijuanaseed.com/images/potleaf3.gif =            http://tomroeser.com/blog/img/f22216/question_mark.jpg

We could have an epidemic on our hands, people.

My favorite song currently is "Filip" by Muse. Muse is such an incredible band, you will not believe. Back in Costa Rica, a lady who we lived in a hotel with asked if Queen was my favorite band, because I was wearing a Tee and they happened to be her fav. I said that they used to, but right then I was more into the Smashing Pumpkins and Muse. She was like "Ive never heard of Muse before." My jaw dropped. "No shit?" She shakes her head. And she was American too. Jesus, I need to get people educated.
No, Starlight is not their only song. Knights of Cydonia only has like twenty words in it. They have an entire two disk cd set of experimental songs. No, there arent ten guys in their band. Only three. Impossible? Yes. Are they from another planet? Probably.
Or maybe their all just Asian Potheads in disguise. O_O


Today I went to the mall with my best friends, Taz, Luchismo, Lyssa Bliss, and Yenny. Dont forget me. I got there a half hour late (fashionably) :D and they had already started placing livestock around the mall. Plastic cows and pigs from Target. It was a blast. We asked the people at Tourneau if they knew the time, and talked to a guy from Rosetta Stone about the languages he included. Finnish? Nope. Braille? No. Jibberish? Anyone can speak that, you dont need a computer program. Howabout Latin? Yes!! Wow, and we couldve heard a sample too. Howabout that language that speaks in clicks? You mean that African Dialect? Yeah. Sorry, we dont carry that. The guy was a very good sport about all of it too.
We went to the food court and Alyssa and I raced. I also got a Jimmy Carter Smoothie.


Too much peanut butter. :P


for deleting my entries every single time i try to write something big!!!!!!!!!!

Chips are Wonderful. :3

I hope that the classic style of the chip never gets faded out, and re-potted as some other generic form... like a tube of crispy tortilla, or whatever. (Tube of crispy tortilla?!?? :P) In addition, best of wishes that it never gets taken to court for molesting children, or burned at the stake for witchery. Or found to contain some illegal substance that we've been reproducing for years in chip form, and must be destroyed.
Because its times like these that chips are the most incredible things ever. You cant live on them, but you sure can die from eating too many. Lol. *hugs*


and no, I dont have any idea why there's a fish on it.

My Current Emotion is Fury.

My mother.
Went to a meeting with my counselor Mrs. McCormack and the ever-illustrious Ms. Gerbretsadik about my "Grade" in Geometry. Apparently, she "tried to defend me" or whatever, and Ms. Gmotherfuckingexacerbationmachine went all alibi on herself and was all like "I dropped SO MANY of your daughter's TERRIBLE test scores to try to make her get a D at least, but she's just SO BAD at math that it COULDNT EVER WORK!" and my mom lapped it up. Shes been just waiting for any reason to go all Sergeant General on my ass since her last explosion. So she comes home and all quietly goes like "I talked to your teacher." And I happen to be watching the ending half of this totally sick movie that im enjoying a lot. And I go "Oh yeah?" and then she tells me the same thing, and adds this little undernote that...wait...wait for it....Okay. "You have to take Geometry over next year."
So I go "Oh. The second semester only though, right?"
Oh ho ho, Neeeeew. Never. The ENTIRE fucking year. All mine for exploring the beauty of shapes and all their glorious three page long formulas. And wait, thats not even the climax of our little story. Theres more momentous things yet to surprise us, more conflict to overcome. See, she also has been informed (By Little Miss Douchebag) that my powerpoint project SUCKED out the Wazoo, and I got no points for it towards my final grade. She said that all of my formulas were wrong, even though I had looked them up online AND in the textbook (to make damn sure) and that...well, theres no more, but that hurt like an S.O.B. I mean, I worked hard on that thing. And, have I mentioned that we've been paying 25$ an hour for geometry tutoring for like four hours a week? I studied my Ass off for that goddamn final also, and I swore that I got that shit right when I bubbled it in. Even if I didnt get it right, there was a 25% chance that I would have miraculously filled in the right circle anyways.
If there is a God, he hates my guts for not believing in him.
So I go into my room, I guess because I want to get a bra inside my shirt because were gonna "go out somewhere", and my mom just comes over and sits down on my bed and starts telling me off. Seriously, im almost on the verge of tears already because I hate Geometry and it doesnt seem to like me too much either. But you have to understand, my mother feeds on making my life a miserable pit of solitary hell for days on end. Then she goes dormant for a while, lets it pent up, and beats me down again maybe a few months later or so. The last time this happened was like January this year or something, and all I remember is going to a cafe with her and Sonya afterwards and she made a big scene trying to get me to stop crying quietly into my untouched food.
So shes all tersely going on about how im NEVER GOING TO GET ANYWHERE IN LIFE if I dont start standing up for my pitiful little fourteen year old self and getting what I want by actually talking to adults about my "problems" (how this relates, I have no idea), and then it elevates because Im staring at her like "I already feel terrible, Get the fuck out of my room!" and shes like LOOK IN THE MIRROR, THATS THE FACE THAT MAKES PEOPLE NOT WANT TO HELP YOU so im like "So what, im supposed to be taking this like *smiles wide* Yes Mom, this sure is some good stuff right here!" and she twitches a bit, and thens all like ARRRRGAHAHAHHDIFUEGIUGHUPHDYPWFGE *i honestly cant remember what she yelled about next* *I think it had something to do with me perhaps never going to college* and she storms out, and I run over and slam the door behind her and flop face-down onto my bed and hold a pillow tight on top of my head. I cant breathe, but I dont want to anyways. I want to just not exist. My life is a wreck. So I cry like a retard for the next few minutes, and then she comes back and sits right on top of my leg and wont move. Shes all "Why are you mad at me? Why are you mad at ME?" and I figure the best way to make her leave is to say nothing. So I do, and she just sits there. At one point she leaves, and I know its not over, and of course she comes right back in and just Badgers me about getting up and forgetting about what happened and why do I have to be such an angry teenager all the time?? Why do I hate everybody?!? Its behavior like this that blah blah blah
So I tell her that if she leaves Ill get up. Shes all like Why??? and I tell her again, and then again, and theres a lot of tension and grumbling, but honestly, I just want her to leave because im probably a mess, and I dont want her to see. She FINALLY leaves my room, and once again I get to shut the door, but I wipe off my bleeding mascara with my hands, and without putting on a bra or any new makeup, I just go with her.
Thankfully Sonya and her friend Arielle (who is a hyperactive little squirrel-child who loves me like her own mother) were there with us, so I eventually lightened up. We went to McDonalds. Woo. I got nothing to emphasize my pure, unadulterated (take that back...VERY adulterated) depression. But yeah. I think I've sufficiently gotten out my sorrows.

You know what I hate?!

I should Livejournal more often!!

Maybe not starting now, but....XD
Haha, icarlys on in the background, and she was just all like "NOT iSnarly"
Which is amazing.
Which my closer friends should know why. :)
Anywho, FUCK MERCUTIO FOR DYING!!! That whore! He was so ahhsommmeee *ka-cry*
icarly is still on. Theres this one guy whos UberSexy. (Btw, who names a kid Toner? Wtf...) Ahh, i need a glass of water. XD
Hum de dum. I feel lonely. Speaketh to me. *looks up at the sky*


I love
Vincent William Malouf
and im not afraid
to say it on Livejournal.


Lyk, yesterday was a bitch.
I got a blister and my BGL would, like, NOT GET DOWN FROM 500,000000,0000!
I was sick until 12 am.
Then TODAY I continued to be ultra-high.
Found God on the web with Lucia, and he told me to invest in Christianity.
I politely turned him down (i.e FUUUUUCCCKKKKK NOOOOOOOO!!!!....)
Ever notice how ! is just i upside down? 
Anyways, once again Mallori asked me to join her band.
But back on whatever slim string of a topic I was on, it was leading up to this:
Today i gave myself an INJECTION! Like with a syringe and everything. It didnt hurt.
Oh boy, possibilites...
No, ill never be an addict. Unless I change my mind further in life for some bizarre reason.
IMing God is such great fun, even though his programmer was and Idyot.
Today i made a cape out of a trash bag, and after school i wore it around on the streets near Starbux and Sushi USA.
I walked into a convenience store, looked around, and then ran out.
In a garbage bag cape.
Ex. "Steve...steve....Steeeeeeeeve..."
"Come down to my toga party!!!"
"Its finals night!!!"
45 of the most random things you probably never needed to know about someone
whats your name spelt backwards?:Ailema
What did you do last night?:I saw 10,000 BC!
The last thing you downloaded onto your computer?:The new JStar Single!!
Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery?:......Of Course not.
Last time you swam in a pool?:Last summer!
What are you wearing?:PJs
How many cars have you owned?:Seven....teen.
Type of music you dislike most?:World
Are you registered to vote?:*pfffft* I wish.
Do you have cable?:I use it to hold my pants up.
What kind of computer do you use?:The fat kind with duct tape and glasses.
Ever made a prank phone call?:I once tried to call Pete Wentz. Turned out to be some old Mexican guy. O_o
You like anyone right now?:Fuck you, myspace survey Satan!!!
Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?:Totes Sky Diving
Furthest place you ever traveled?:Europe!!
What's your favorite comic strip?:Lio ,Calvin and Hobbes, Get Fuzzy
Do u know all the words to the national anthem?:All but a stanza or two in the middle. I know the full Australian Anthem, though!
Shower, morning or night?:Night.
Best movie you've seen in the past month?:Be Kind, Rewind.
Favorite pizza toppings?:Pepperoni, pineapple, mushroom.
Chips or popcorn?:Oo....tuffy....chips.
What cell phone provider do you have?:Verizon....i think...
Have you ever smoked peanut shells?:WHAT??!? Oh... yeah. *wink, wink* ;) Peanut shells....SHUUURRE.
Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?:Hell No!
Orange Juice or apple?:Apple all the way.
Who were the last people you sat at lunch with?:Ms. Keily and the Sick People in the Nurses Office.
favorite chocolate bar?:Mounds.
Who is your longest friend and how long?:Lucia Fasano! Proudly been BFFs for 8 years.
Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?:*snorts* homegrown??
Have you ever won a trophy?:Yeah. For baseball!
Favorite arcade game?:The one where youre a spaceship and you shoot other spaceships that turn red when u shoot them.
Ever ordered from an infomercial?:No.
Sprite or 7-UP?:Sprite.
Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school/work?:Three solid years!!! D=
Last thing you bought at Walgreens?:Poster Board. Blue.
Ever thrown up in public?:Yeah! Cant remember when...
Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love?:True Love! True Love!
Do you believe in love at first sight?:No.
Did you have long hair as a young kid?:Hellz yeah!
What message is on your voicemail machine?:I think its *YAAAAAWN* but i cant be sure.
Where would you like to go right now?:The bathroom.
Whats the name of your pet?:Which one?
What kind of back pack do you have, and what's in it?:Striped, Books and pencils and mold.
What do you think about most?:Probably stuff I shouldnt talk about.
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